Relationship Therapy

As well as working on your individual issues I can also work with you to change how you relate to others. I also have experience of working with monogamous and non-monogamous couples. I welcome gender and sexual diversities, and work with heterosexual, LGBT and gender variance clients

Relationships require dedication and nurturing. While you may feel supported in your relationship, you may sometimes also feel it can be a challenge to be yourself while still being in relationship.

Different relationships are faced with different challenges, when you are in a new relationship you may feel you need to adjust or comply to your new partner, when you are in a long term relationship you may feel that you are stuck and the initial spark that brought you together has gone.

Therapy can help you and your partner(s) in addressing difficult issues and improve communication between you. Together we can explore the problems your relationship is experiencing and look at what is stopping you from having the relationship that you want.

As a trained therapist and impartial third party, I can help you and your partner to feel safe and talk honestly about how you are feeling about your relationship.

The issues I can help you with, though are not limited to, include:

Conflict and disagreement


Negotiating non-monogamy

Recovering from infidelity

Separation and divorce

Sex and sexual difficulties

I settled in London in 2001 and live with my partner in a cross cultural relationship, so have first hand experience of the particular challenges of sharing your life with someone from a very different background.

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