Psychosexual Therapy

Sexual difficulties are very common and it is very likely that we all will have sexual problems at some point in our lives.  The cause of these difficulties may be physical or emotional, perhaps a combination of both.  We can look together at the possible causes of the issues, the factors that may perpetuate the difficulty and explore potential solutions.

We can address these issues in a shorter term solution focussed way or within a broader context of the factors which may contribute to sexual and relationship difficulties such as general anxiety, depression or religious and cultural background. Relationship factors can play a major role in sexual problems, such as unhappiness, anger and conflict.

I work with a range of presenting issues including and not limited to:

Sex Anxiety

Gender Identity and Sexual identity Issues, LGBT+

Loss or lack of sexual desire

Orgasmic difficulties

Painful Intercourse (Dyspareunia)


Erectile Difficulties (Erectile Dysfunction)

Ejaculation Difficulties (Ejaculatory Dysfunction)

Out of Control Sexual Behaviour (Sex addiction)

Survivors of Sexual abuse


Sex therapy is a talking therapy so you will not be asked to take your clothes off or do any exercises of a sexual nature during a therapy session. If it seems helpful, I may, however, suggest some exercises or homework for you to do on your own or with your partner(s) in the privacy of your home.

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