How I work

My first aim is to create an environment where you can feel safe. Only when we feel safe can we open up and talk about the issues or difficulties that might be troubling us.

As a humanistic counsellor I believe we are always changing and I consider the difficulties we face at any given time as an opportunity for development and growth.

I work integratively as I think that different clients have different needs and no one single approach is sufficient. In my practice I draw from different counselling approaches and I would use the one that seems most appropriate to your personal circumstances.

I consider that the quality of the relationship between client and therapist is the most important aspect of successful therapeutic work. Sometimes we are so used to being and acting in a particular way we are not even aware of its link to the problems we have. If a sound and trusting relationship is established the way therapist and client work together can help you to gain awareness on how you currently see yourself and relate to others and how this might be different in future

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